Select feature articles:

  • Will the world ever be ready for solar geoengineering? – Chemical & Engineering News [LINK]
  • Working out with Weed – Nature [LINK]
  • What dinosaur poop tells us about ancient life – Freethink [LINK]
  • The first critic is you: Editing your own work – Open Notebook [LINK] [Featured in The Craft of Science Writing: Selections from The Open Notebook, book published in 2020]

Select news articles:

  • E-cigarettes’ chemistry may explain their popularity among teens – Chemical & Engineering News [LINK] [Received honorable mention in 2018 April-June Best Shortform Science Writing]
  • Going negative: First plant to sell captured CO2 set to launch – VICE News [LINK]
  • Genetic tests reveal that the ancestry of some cancer cell lines is misclassified – Chemical & Engineering News [LINK]

Select podcasts:

  • The authors declined to discuss the work with C&EN for this story – Chemical & Engineering News [LINK]

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Chemical & Engineering News, Freethink, Knowable, Mental Floss, Nature, New Scientist, Open Notebook, Science Careers, Scientific AmericanVICE News

During grad school, Tien wrote a blog called Must Love Science on science communication, chemistry, graduate school, and women in science.
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