Writing Clips

Clips organized by outlet:

Chemical & Engineering NewsPrinceton University, Open NotebookVICE News, Mental FlossScientific American



E-cigarettes’ chemistry may explain their popularity among teens – Chemical & Engineering News

False missile alert creates confusion for chemists – Chemical & Engineering News

New Window Screens Filter Pollution From Air – Scientific American

First ‘Handed’ Molecule Discovered in Interstellar space – Mental Floss

Going Negative: First Plant To Sell Captured CO2 Set To Launch – VICE News

Drug structures made public in New Orleans – Chemical & Engineering News


Will the world ever be ready for solar geoengineering – Chemical & Engineering News

Chemistry explains why you shouldn’t stare at the solar eclipse – Chemical & Engineering News

Chemists champion their future at the 2017 National Organic Symposium – Chemical & Engineering News

Nozomi Ando: Breaking Free with a Love of Chemistry – Princeton University

Silicon 2.0 Promises Superpower Chips and Solar Cells – New Scientist

The First Critic Is You: Editing Your Own Work – Open Notebook


Perception is Power: How the Supplement Industry Bought Deregulation – C&EN’s Grand CENtral Science blog

An Analytical Approach to Unconscious Gender Bias – Mustlovescience blog



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