I’m a Daytime Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, journalist, screenwriter, and reformed PhD chemist. My work spans history, science, and human rights with a focus on stories of historically oppressed communities. I was born in Saigon and raised in North Carolina. Based in LA.

In Production

Be Not Afraid: A Feature Film

I’m currently in production on my first feature-length documentary film. Our story follows one Filipino family’s quest for healing and justice after surviving an anti-Asian hate crime in Los Angeles. Check out our film website to learn more about the project!


Digital Docuseries

Historian's Take | Series Producer & Co-Writer

10-part series that explores history through the lens of pop culture in collaboration with CAAM. PBSDS

Nominated for 2023 Daytime Emmy for Educational and Informational Program & 2023 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Short Form Series Reality/Nonfiction

Free Chol Soo Lee Shorts | Series Producer

3-part series on Asian American history inspired by the documentary film Free Chol Soo Lee. ITVS

Artbound Shorts | Series Producer

3 short documentaries featuring women and non-binary artists in Los Angeles. KCET

Short News Documentary & Explainers

Fighting Invasive Carp | Director, Writer & Producer

One community’s fight against invasive carp that threaten native wildlife including the Clear Lake hitch, a culturally significant fish for the tribes who have lived by the lake for thousands of years. Knowable Magazine

Saving Cima Dome | Director, Writer & Producer

In 2020, the Dome Fire swept through one of the largest Joshua tree forests in the world, killing an estimated 1.3 million Joshua trees. Can conservationists save this fragile ecosystem? Knowable Magazine

Best Burial Methods | Director, Writer

Traditional burial methods have carbon footprints that have some people looking for other options for the afterlife. Let’s see how our options for the hereafter stack up. C&EN

Won the 2020 Association Media & Publishing’s EXCEL Gold in Digital Video

Surprising Filters | Director, Writer, Producer & Editor

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University unveil a liquid membrane that flips the script on particle filtration. C&EN

Won the 2018 DC Science Writers Association Newsbrief Award for Multimedia

Blind Salamanders | Writer

In underground caves deep below central Texas, the Texas blind salamander reigns supreme. How did these bizarre creatures evolve to thrive in this isolated environment — now threatened by human activity — and how conservationists are working to save them? Insider

Cyclops Sheep | Writer

In the 1950s, a group of ranchers in Idaho were baffled when their sheep gave birth to lambs with only one eye. Here’s how, decades later, one team of biologists stumbled upon the answer. TED-ED


After leaving science for storytelling, I cut my teeth as a print & digital journalist writing hundreds of articles on drugs, dino poop, death, the environment, and more.

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Full-Service Video Production

My boutique production company can seamlessly shepard ideas from conception to final delivery. Let’s chat about how our team of talented, kind collaborators can help you bring compelling visual stories to the screen.


Documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist

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