Hi! You’ve found Tien Nguyen’s web portfolio. She’s a freelance science reporter. She’s written scripts and stories about the physical sciences, energy and the environment for Chemical & Engineering News, Nature, Science Careers, VICE News, Scientific American, Mental Floss, New Scientist, TED-Ed, and ACS Reactions.

She delights in coming up with weird science questions and asking other people until she gets to the bottom of it or until the deadline arrives. She cut her teeth in science communication on video competitions and a LOT of blogging while doing a PhD in organic chemistry. She first convinced people to pay her to write about science in 2014 as a BWF Fellow for the Open Notebook, a website on the craft of science writing, and a communications specialist for Princeton’s chemistry department. For a couple years she was staff writer at C&EN reporting on organic/medicinal chemistry and anything really that reasonably fell within the bounds of chemistry, as well as producing podcasts/videos. She’s based in DC. If you’d like to be a Tien Nguyen completist, visit her LinkedIn page. Contact her through Twitter @mustlovescience or email at tiennguyenwrites at gmail.