Hi! You’ve found Tiên Nguyễn’s web portfolio. She’s an award-winning science journalist, filmmaker, and PhD chemist. She delights in the act of exploring impossible questions.

Her stories about the environment, chemistry, space, drugs, death, dino poop, and more have appeared in outlets including Chemical & Engineering News, Freethink, Insider, Knowable Magazine, Mental Floss, Nature, New Scientist, PBS Digital Studios, Science Careers, Scientific American, TED-ED, The Open Notebook, Reactions and VICE News. Currently, she’s a producer and writer on the PBS digital show Historian’s Take.

She’s based in LA and her name is pronounced like this. If you’d like to be a Tiên Nguyễn completist, visit her LinkedIn page. If you’re a scientist who’s interested in becoming a science writer, she wrote this for you: How I broke into science writing. Contact her through Twitter @mustlovescience or email at tiennguyenwrites at gmail.