Hi! You’ve found Tiên Nguyễn’s web portfolio. She’s an award-winning, freelance science journalist and video producer. She has written stories and scripts about chemistry, space, the environment, drugs, death, dino poop, and more for Chemical & Engineering News, Knowable Magazine, Insider, Nature, Science Careers, The Open Notebook, Freethink, VICE News, Scientific American, Mental Floss, New Scientist, TED-Ed, and ACS Reactions.

She delights in investigating strange science phenomena in everyday life. She got her start in science communication through video competitions and a bygone activity called blogging while getting a PhD in organic chemistry. She began convincing people to pay her to write as a communications writer for Princeton University and as a Fellow for The Open Notebook. She then became a staff journalist for Chemical & Engineering News reporting on organic/medicinal chemistry research and anything that reasonably fell within the chemical realm. Finally after years of freelancing on the side, she decided to take the leap and commit to full-time freelance.

She’s based in LA and her name is pronounced like this. If you’d like to be a Tiên Nguyễn completist, visit her LinkedIn page. If you’re a student who’s interested in becoming a science writer, she wrote this for you: How I broke into science writing. Contact her through Twitter @mustlovescience or email at tiennguyenwrites at gmail.